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Getting Ready to Show your Work!

This class will help the interested photographer learn what’s needed to present your Images from a body of work for a portfolio, website, or a Gallery Show. We’ll work on telling a stronger story by organizing, sequencing, editing, and narrowing down selections, and the importance of consistent image quality. So that the images ultimately play off each other, within a Theme. Students will continuously work on a selected collection of photographs for presentation and discussion during classes – with the goal of editing a body of work down to a cohesive group of 5 images for exhibition at Praxis Gallery.


The end game for us is to have a class Gallery Show at Praxis!!
(Opening Night:16 September 2023)

Weekly Workshop Breakdown:

First week … we’ll talk about organizing, sequencing, image quality, gallery info, and look at each student’s body of work to discuss what STORY we are trying to say. Everything we do is open for all to discuss or question, no matter whose images we’re looking at.

Second week … We’ll show our assignments, have dialogue about them, and start to get a better feel for the overall project. We’ll do re organizing and start sequencing, to make our stories stronger.

Third week … We’ll show our assignments and zero in on our stories, and sequencing using intent and class input.

Fourth week … We’ll show our assignments and take closer look at our choices, for story, continuity, sequencing, and start to “Edit” them for “consistent image quality” thinking on the final 5!

Fifth week … We’ll show our assignments, we’ll dissect our choices for any flaws, if any, with story and quality. Then we’ll work on the FINAL 5, incl aspect ratios, Artist Statements, and photo names.

Sixth week …. Finalize our presentation and deal with any issues in our way!  Then … PARTY!!!      



Body of photographic work, computer, editing software.


  • Something to take notes on, questions.

  • A collection of 40 – 60 photographs (recommended).

  • Laptop and photo sharing software (Lightroom recommended).



COST: This multi-part in person workshop has a registration fee of $275.00. Artist Members save 10% off all workshops. Use your workshop member code at purchase for discount. 


CLASS SIZE: This class has a minimum of 4 participants and has a maximum of 8 participants.

LOCATION INFO: Praxis Photo Center • 2637 27th Ave S. [ Enter Parking Lot ] Minneapolis, MN 55406 • Free, Secure Off-Street Parking. 


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Alan Shefland is a former Hollywood film editor who became more involved in photography after retirement in 2006. Billions of frames of film swept past Alan’s gaze over 35 years giving him all the visual education he could use to apply to his future in photography. In retirement he decided to pursue his passion for photography more seriously and enrolled in classes at The Minnetonka Center for the Arts to enhance his technical skills and understanding of various photographic styles. There Alan participated in a student exhibition that motivated him to continue pursuing photography as a serious art form since then his work has been widely exhibited, and his passion for photography continues to grow. Alan has been teaching photography for over a decade and continues to explore new styles and techniques in his personal work. In teaching Alan finds immense joy in imparting his knowledge and learning from his students because the learning process never truly ends. Alan’s motto is ‘Taking photos enables us to make a visual statement, so go say something visually!’

QUESTIONS? For more information contact or call 612-345-5571. Instructor contact email    


CLASS WITHDRAWAL/CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: Payment in full is required at the time of registration. If the class is full, we will put you on a contact list for the next scheduled class. Notice of withdrawal must be made two weeks in advance. There is no penalty to transfer to the next scheduled class. A 50% refund can be issued at this time if that is your preference. There are no refunds for notice given less than two weeks before the class though transfers may be made up to one week in advance. There are no refunds for no shows.


Notice of withdrawal may be sent to




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