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Learn to shoot, develop and enlarge your film in this 2 Day darkroom introductory course! 


Introduction to the Darkroom is designed for newcomers to analogue photography who wish to learn basic darkroom techniques, including black & white film development, making contact sheets and printing with an enlarger. Previous darkroom experience is not necessary, and a basic understanding of exposure, although useful, is not essential.


Students will spend the first day of the workshop on a photo tour of the neighborhood exposing black and white film with a toy camera provided by Praxis. After exposing their film, students will then be guided through the process of developing black and white negative film and creating a contact print of their negatives. 

Praxis Darkroom facility is ideal for teaching small groups. The Praxis Darkroom included a film processing area, an air-conditioned and ventilated darkroom with custom sinks and 5 enlarger stations.  On day two of the workshop students will work in the darkroom to create a contact print of their negatives and create an enlargement of one image. 



Course Content 

 Darkroom Basics

• Film types and sizes

• Exposing Film

• Processing & Developing Film

• Exposing, washing, and fixing contact prints

• Making contact prints

CLASS REQUIREMENTS: No experience necessary. Students may bring their own camera or exposed 35mm or 120mm film to develop on the day of the course.

DATES & TIMES: Saturday & Sunday, September 16 & 17, 2023. Time: 11AM–3PM


COST: This 2-day workshop has a registration fee of $165 (We will provide aprons and non-latex gloves for those who may have heightened sensitivity to the chemistry. Registration price includes materials: Film and print processing chemistry, Archival storage sleeve for processed 35mm film, Up to 10 sheets of Ilford RC printer paper.  A light lunch will be provided. Students with dietary restrictions are asked to bring their own.


CLASS SIZE: This class is limited to 6 participants.

Special Promotion!
All Darkroom Workshop participants will receive ONE MONTH FREE of Access Membership.


Access Membership Benefits:

  • Darkroom / Fully functional with BW Print Chemistry

  • Photo Studio available for Members

  • 35mm-8x10 Format Enlargers

  • Member Analog Gallery 

  • 10% off Workshops 

  • Invitations and free entry to special events 

  • Quarterly Email Newsletter

  • Automatic Payment plan


ABOUT THE INSTRUCTOR: Director of Analog Technology - Dan Fenner A Minnesota native, Dan worked for the White Bear Press while attending school for commercial photography.  After graduating, Dan went on to work for the Mpls Star Tribune where he spent the next 20 years in their photo department in charge of the transition from B&W to color and finally on to digital photography. He has coordinated processing and logistics of photo assignments from the wars in the Middle East, the dismantling of the Iron Curtain to dog sledding at the North Pole and floods in North Dakota. After leaving the Strib he worked as a consultant to Agfa, training newspapers across the US.

QUESTIONS? For more information contact or call 612-345-5571.


CLASS WITHDRAWAL/CANCELLATION/REFUND POLICY: Payment in full is required at the time of registration. If the class is full we will put you on a contact list for the next scheduled class. Notice of withdrawal must be made two weeks in advance. There is no penalty to transfer to the next scheduled class. A 50% refund can be issued at this time if that is your preference. There are no refunds for notice given less than two weeks before the class though transfers may be made up to one week in advance. There are no refunds for no-shows.


Notice of withdrawal may be sent to




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