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Even in Darkness, There is Light

Solo Exhibition by Brandon Movall

Exhibition: Oct 24th - Dec 12th, 2020


Even in Darkness, There is Light was inspired by my own struggles with anxiety. I wanted to see how other individuals have dealt with their own inner darkness. Each of the pieces is inspired by a response to the prompt: “Tell me about a time in your life where your internal light overcame the darkness around you”. I asked 20 individuals this question, with the goal of demonstrating how powerful the human spirit is, and how, as the title suggests, even in the darkest of times in life, there is light. Each answer to the prompt was voice recorded, so I could hear the inflections of the individual’s voice when they shared their story. From that, I created a light painting photograph inspired by their answer to the prompt. Each image has different colors, shapes, and locations of the light based on my artistic interpretation of the story.

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