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A Solo Exhibition by Eduardo Moreno Lopez

Exhibition Dates: Oct 16th - Nov 6th 2021


Eduardo Moreno Lopez

The cradle is destiny. Fate sits next to each birth and traces with a blind pen the route of every one. For some children it is a time of magicians, books and hopes. For others, it is a time of conflict, weapons and gloom. Some children transitioning to adolescence have everything - and others nothing. This photo exhibition captures the map of life when things unfortunately go wrong. It does not present predictable storms and winds, pole stars, paths of caresses and roads that connect with seas and streams. It shows desert sands, lights that do not shine, mountains that do not end and songs whose words are not all known. Deprived of words, as these pictures are, they still speak. They murmur sounds of hope like the shells from the sea. They tell us of the children’s efforts to become somebody when destiny is stubborn for them to remain nobody. We need to bring the ear and eyes closer to the images – and listen to what they say


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