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Praxis Gallery


What are your hours of operation? 


We are open to the public Saturdays 1pm-7pm unless there is an opening then we are open until 8pm. 


We are closed to the public Sundays and Mondays. 


We are open by appointment Tuesdays – Fridays 1pm-5pm.  

Email or call to schedule an appointment.


Where are you located?




We share the same parking lot as the Ivy Arts building annex?, we are in the NW corner.

Look for the black awning with our logo over our entrance.



How do I update my contact information? 

We use mailing address’s mainly to send out award exhibit books and sometimes postcards. 

Email is how you will be notified for calls you apply to and upcoming events and workshops.

Join our mailing list  Click the link if you would like to join our mailing list or need to update your email to receive newsletters about our upcoming events. If you have applied or participated in one of our exhibitions update your contact info in your submission profile page.  

To update your contact info go to your profile page in smarter entry.  First login then select update profile there you can update your contact information.  

Email: if you have any questions on updating your contact information.


Upload Image sizes for Smarter Entry Submissions - 8mb max upload size 

 Lightroom Photoshop guidelines - Click here for pdf of instructions



How do I use my Membership Coupon Codes? - Click here for tutorial video.



How do I know if my image sells?

We will contact you after the exhibition closes if your image sells.  If we do not contact you that means that your image(s) was not sold by the conclusion of the exhibit. 

When will I receive my return-shipped image?

Images ship out up to 60 days from the return shipping notification email.  

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