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Field Assignment Workshop Testimonials

"I felt fortunate to meet with this random group of serious artists who found an instant, easy bond with each other in our shared passion for photography”. Workshop Participant

"The staff make this workshop seamless- from sending camera with instructions and a prepaid postage sticker to mail it back, to sending scans, and fun critique session to see what how each participant used the toy camera. This was a unique and enjoyable workshop. I'm looking forward to seeing our work on the wall”. Workshop Participant

"It is hard to believe that strangers, brought together through nothing but a passion for the art, an assignment, and a shared elemental technology, could find themselves part of a spontaneous community”. Workshop Participant

"More than met my expectations- the class size was perfect, allowing time for each person to share work and experiences and Elizabeth's opening presentation set the stage for our work to follow. Please run this again”. Workshop Participant 

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