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© Joan Tortorici Ruppert

Directors Choice ©	Alan Shefland

Directors Choice © Alan Shefland

Honorable Mention ©	Linda M Caldwell

Honorable Mention © Linda M Caldwell

Honorable Mention ©	Emma Creighton Hopson

Honorable Mention © Emma Creighton Hopson

Honorable Mention ©	Eric Jorgensen

Honorable Mention © Eric Jorgensen

Honorable Mention ©	Rebecca Meyer

Honorable Mention © Rebecca Meyer

Honorable Mention ©	Jessica Margo

Honorable Mention © Jessica Margo

©	Nancy Stalnaker Bundy

© Nancy Stalnaker Bundy

©	Susan Kaufer Carey

© Susan Kaufer Carey

©	Amanda Cruise

© Amanda Cruise

©	Josephine Dechant

© Josephine Dechant

©	Brianna Dowd

© Brianna Dowd

©	Beth Galton

© Beth Galton

©	Jere Hiltunen

© Jere Hiltunen

©	Luke Jordan

© Luke Jordan

©	Jessie Kellam

© Jessie Kellam

©	Michaelann Kelley

© Michaelann Kelley

©	Emilie Leger

© Emilie Leger

©	Nadine Levin

© Nadine Levin

©	Melody Locke

© Melody Locke

©	Jena Love

© Jena Love

©	Jessica Margo

© Jessica Margo

©	Sara Markese

© Sara Markese

©	Geri Mathewson

© Geri Mathewson

©	Reed Mattison

© Reed Mattison

©	Julie Mihaly

© Julie Mihaly

©	Kimerly Miller

© Kimerly Miller

©	Nanci Milton

© Nanci Milton

©	Yuxiao Mu

© Yuxiao Mu

©	Rachel Nixon

© Rachel Nixon

©	Caleb Portfolio

© Caleb Portfolio

©	Vicki Reed

© Vicki Reed

©	Merry Reimler

© Merry Reimler

©	Arjun Rihan

© Arjun Rihan

©	Stephanie Slate

© Stephanie Slate

©	James R. Swartzlander

© James R. Swartzlander

©	Keith Tolar

© Keith Tolar

©	Joe Tortorici

© Joe Tortorici

©	Bob Ware

© Bob Ware

 International Juried Photography Exhibition



Opening Night Reception: February 17, 6-8PM
Exhibition dates: Feb. 17–Mar. 9, 2024

Praxis Gallery Presents photography that unravels the intricate tapestry woven by family dynamics, histories, and emotions encapsulated within conceptually constructed images, seemingly ordinary snapshots, or historic family photographs


Visual studies of specific family histories, highlighting unique stories, personal contexts, and broader interpretations that recognize shared human experiences and emotions across diverse family narratives are encouraged.


The family photo as concept or artifact may explore specific stories, moments of joy, sorrow, love, and nostalgia, and extend an invitation to viewers to connect with the universal and timeless aspects of familial relationships. Praxis Gallery presents photographic works that explore any of these concepts, endeavoring to unravel layers of meaning inherent in family photos. Curated by Praxis Directors

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