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International Juried
Small Group 


Nine Artists • Nine Short Stories
Prize • Solo Exhibit in The Lab Gallery
<<< winner announced opening night >>>
Submission Deadline: Nov 19, 2023
Notice of acceptance: Dec 5, 2023

 Exhibit Opens: Jan 20 - Feb 10, 2024

Anthologies  | Jury Panel: Praxis Directors

Praxis Gallery’s biennial small group exhibition returns for its third year with an open call for narrative-based collections of photographic art. Nine artists’ collections of four photographs will be featured in the 2024 ANTHOLOGIES exhibit in The Lab Gallery at Praxis Photo Arts Center. Directors’ Choice wins a solo exhibition in The Lab Gallery.

The word ANTHOLOGIES derives from the Greek meaning “to gather or collect”. In this precise sense, Praxis Gallery seeks to explore the manner in which photographic artists gather and organize images into collections to creating meaning. This is not an exercise in sequencing images or creating linear chronologies. It is more an interpretive exploration of the interdependence of each image vis a vis the collective meaning of the group. The viewer is invited to extract their own subjectivities, to search for meaning in collected photographs that may seem meandering, anfractuous, and excursionary – as much as they may also seem explicit and absolute in substance.

These stories may take any shape or form. They may be documentary, drama, fantasy, myth, literal or ephemeral, poetic or political, or any other iteration of the theme. All themes, genres, capture types, black & white and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.



Nine artists will be selected to exhibit four images each at Praxis Gallery’s ANTHOLOGIES small group show. Photographers will be notified of their selection. Instructions for shipping art or online submission of hi-res artwork for print for exhibit will be included in the email acceptance notification. Accepted photographs will be posted on the Praxis website exhibition page at that time. All entrants must be 18 years of age or older. 


Nine photographers will be selected by the jury panel for exhibition at Praxis Gallery. A Directors Choice will be awarded and featured in the exhibition, the printed exhibit book, and the online exhibit gallery. Directors Choice will receive a solo exhibit at Praxis in The Lab Gallery. They will also receive free entry into three juried calls for entry of their choice and a complimentary exhibit book.

Submission Fees

$40.00 for 1 submission set of 4 images. $25.00 for a second set of 4 images. Praxis Members receive 2 image sets for the price of 1 image set. Payment is accepted by credit or debit card through our secure online submission site. The entry fee for submissions is non-refundable. Receive Praxis Member Benefits. Learn more here:

Image Submission Formatting

Submissions are accepted as digital files through our online submission form. Please prepare your files as follows:  

(a) File Format. Images must be saved and submitted as Jpegs.

(b) Image Size. Images must be 72 dpi. Image must be 1920 pixels or less on longest side. Images must be 8MB or less.

(c) File Name. Name image file as follows: ImageTitle_FirstName_LastName. Example: MyPhoto_Amy_Johnson.jpg.

(d) Please contact us with any digital formatting questions at

Exhibit Artwork Submission & Printing for Selected Artists

Praxis Gallery offers two options for selected artists to submit photographs for exhibition:


(a) Praxis Gallery accepts original artwork. We do not accept framed artwork. Praxis will hang artists original prints. Original art must be shipped with return postage and packaging. Must include Artists Name and Exhibition the image is included in.


(b) For the convenience of the artist Praxis Gallery will print photographers hi-res files for a $37.00 fee. Price includes printing and installation. Photographers will receive instructions for uploading hi-res files to our secure Dropbox site. Praxis print technicians have over 50 years of custom fine art printing experience. Images will be printed on our state-of-the-art Canon 44 inch Pro-4000 printer on Epson Premium Luster Fine Art Photo Paper. 

Print Size

Prints should be no more than 16 inches on the longest side with at least 1-inch border around the entire image for mounting directly on The Print Lab Wall. We will adjust the digitally submitted final hi-res images size (never crop) for best presentation. Selected photographers will receive instructions with their acceptance notice on shipping their image or on sizing and submitting their high-res digital image files for printing for exhibition in the show. 

Sales & Archive

Photographers who have designated that their exhibition prints are for sale to the public will be contacted promptly regarding any purchase enquires of their artwork. Praxis Gallery will take a 50% commission of any sales. All selected submissions will be maintained at the Praxis Gallery & Photographic Art Center’s online gallery archives. Artists have the option (but are not obligated) to donate prints that do not sell during the exhibition to Praxis Gallery & Photographic Art Center for fundraising purposes. 

Copy Right & Usage Rights

Artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Artists whose photographs are accepted for exhibition grant Praxis Gallery the nonexclusive right to use, print, and reproduce submitted digital files for the purpose of the exhibition, promoting the artist,  promoting related programs and subsequent display on Praxis Gallery's website, social media and online exhibition archives. The artist's name will be included wherever the photographs are displayed.

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