Welcome Access Darkroom Members

All members must complete an orientation prior to gaining darkroom access to be briefed on our policies and procedures. 

View Darkroom Policies - Click here to download PDF

Sign up for your Darkroom Orientation meeting. 

Orientation is available on _____ days at _______ times.  (ask dan for availability)

Access Darkroom Open Hours 

Mon - Fri 11am - 6pm 

Sat 12pm - 8pm

Sun - Closed to Monthly Members

The darkrooms have the ability to allow up to 9 users at a time. 

Monthly paid Access members are able to use the darkrooms during official business hours only. 

6-Month paid Access members will have 24/7 access via Lock box with a key and are responsible for mixing their own chemistry when working outside of business hours. (Code for lockbox will be given during Darkroom Orientation)

The calendar below will show when the darkroom hours are unavailable due to workshops or reservations.

Please contact dan@praxisphotocenter.org for Darkroom related inquiries.

Please contact info@praxisgallery.com for all other questions. 

*Terms, conditions and access policies are subject to change.