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© Leandre K. Jackson copy.jpg

© Leandre K. Jackson

 International Juried Photography Exhibition


Entry Deadline | April 30, 2024

Exhibition Dates: June 15 - July 13, 2024

Juried by Layne Kennedy

"Making portraits is more than a physical form, it’s a silent communication in understanding and respect between the photographer and the subject. There’s an internal emotion and fire of the soul that you try to capture." – J. Grimes

In her book, Portraits and Persons, writer Cynthia Freeland describes three essential elements that constitute a portrait: “(1) a recognizable physical body (2) an inner life, i.e., some sort of psychological or mental states and (3) self-presentation, or the "posing.”

Praxis Gallery seeks photographic art that celebrate the aesthetic and conceptual considerations involved in the creation of the portrait: revealing personal narratives or new anthologies through the artistic representation of the subject.


© Hilary Shepard

 International Juried Photography Exhibition


Entry Deadline: May 18, 2024
Exhibition dates: June 15 - July 13, 2024

"Animal Life' is a call for photographic work that celebrates the complex and multifaceted nature of animals, emphasizing kindness and compassion in representing our furry, feathery, and scaly friends. Showcasing companion animals, farm animals, wild animals, sea life, insects, and birds, this project encompasses various genres such as Animal Portraits, Ethical Wildlife Photography, Artistic Interpretations, Underwater Photography, Macro Photography, Conservation Photography, and Bird Photography – just to name a few examples.


Praxis Gallery seeks photographic art that captures kind and empathetic portraits of a wide range of animals, from domestic pets and farm animals to a diverse array of wildlife species found across different ecosystems. All genres, capture types, black & white, and color, traditional and non-traditional photographic, and digital post-production processes are welcome for submission.

© Matt Frantz

© Matt Frantz

© Matt Frantz


© Matt Frantz

 International Juried Photography Exhibition



キュレーター |プラクシス・ディレクター

狂気 (精神疾患) は、私たち全員を怖がらせ、魅了するものです。これは、私たちが普遍的に知っている言葉ですが、人間の想像力をかき立てる言葉です。何世紀にもわたって、詩、散文、演劇、視覚芸術において、「狂気」はすべての人に見られてきました.


Praxis Gallery は、葛藤やユーモア、フィクション、事実、またはその他の文字通りまたは一時的なレンズベースの調査など、メンタルヘルスに関連するアイデアを探求する写真アートを提示します。私たちは、精神的健康に関する従来の仮定に疑問を投げかけたり、「狂気の美しさ」を見ることができる人だけが見ることができる独自の視点を称賛する写真芸術を歓迎します.

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