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 International Juried Photography Exhibition


Opening Night Reception: Sat, May 21st 6-8pm
Exhibition Dates: May 21st - June 4th 2022

Curators | Praxis Directors

Madness (mental illness) is something that frightens and fascinates us all. It is a word with which we are universally familiar yet haunts the human imagination. Through centuries, in poetry, prose, drama, and the visual arts, “madness" has been on display for all to see.

With devastating effect, mental illness can disturb our commonsense assumptions; create unbearable disruptions in the routine of daily living; and turn our experience and our expectations upside down. And yet, it is this upside-down world view that opens a universe of unique and inventive perspectives oblivious to those free from disruptions of the mind. 

Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that explores ideas linked to mental health, be it conflict or humor, fiction, or fact, or any other literal or ephemeral lens-based investigation. We welcome photographic art that questions conventional assumptions about mental health or celebrates the unique perspective only visible to those who can see the "beauty in madness”.