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 International Juried Photography Exhibition

Guest Curator Laura Valenti

Opening Reception: Dec 18th, 2021 6pm-8pm
Exhibition Dates: Dec 18, 2021 - Jan 3rd, 2022

Guest Curator | Laura Valenti

Spinning humor out of tragedy is by no means a new phenomenon. Humor and irony are an historic way of processing fear and tragedy.

Humor and absurdity provide a healthy outlet for some people to diffuse feelings of doom and uncertainty - helping people struggling with depression and anxiety of conflicts such as our current global pandemic and civic unrest.
"Human beings are wired to cope, and we're wired to be funny -- even darkly humorous."
"Using humor as a coping strategy and connecting with other people who have that same approach has been greatly normalized through the digitization of our culture," Andrews says. "Now, people who use humor as a coping strategy have instantaneous access to millions of other people, and we find our niches and networks." Bart Andrews

 Praxis Gallery presents photographic works that explore humor and irony in its varied styles including: candid moments, satire, dark humor, surreal, dry and deadpan just to name a few of the many iterations of this genre.