Exhibit | The Shadow Aspect

The Shadow Aspect | Exhibition Dates: January 19, 2018 to February 17th, 2018. Praxis Gallery would like to thank all of the artists who submitted images for this call and participated in the exhibit. The term Shadow Aspect was coined by 20th century psychoanalyst Carl Jung. It describes the hidden and repressed aspect of the human unconscious. While the Shadow Aspect represents the ‘unknown dark side of the personality’, it is also according, to Jung, the seat of human creativity. The allusions and metaphors associated with this concept seemed appropriate to describe the central theme of this exhibit.

We also included a quote by Elie Wiesel that we hoped would inspire and engage artists considering the concept of the shadow as it relates to their body of work: ‘Most people think that shadows follow, precede, surround beings or objects. The truth is that they also surround words, ideas, desires, deeds, impulses and memories.’ This statement expands on the complex dimensions of the shadow as both the visual absence of light obstructed by an object from the source and the abstract implications of the shadow as an idea.

Praxis Gallery was seeking images that explored both the formal and conceptual dimensions of the shadow. Submissions focused on the shadow as pure visual form expressed through the creation of line, shape, pattern and texture; elements that were succinctly expressed in the work submitted by artists Paul Stapp and Roger Grasas, for example. They also examined the cultural and psychological implications of the shadow - exploring ideas of foreboding, internal conflict, passages into the unconsciousness, or other ephemeral interpretations; themes explored in submissions by artists JP Terlizzi and Kashul Kapoor.

We’d like to thank the following artists who received awards for their submissions: Charmaine Hardy (Australia) received the Juror’s Choice Award; Thomas Moen (United Kingdom) received an Honorable Mention; Gregory Spaid (USA) received an Honorable Mention and Wen Hang Lin (USA) received the Directors Choice Award.

Here is a complete list of selected artists for the Portrait exhibit: Geoffrey Ellis Aronson (Mexico), Massimiliano Balo' (United Kingdom), Zac Endter (Austria), Laure Gervais (Belgium), Roger Grasas (Spain), Charmaine Hardy (Australia), Robin Hayes (Singapore), Laurent Le Paih (France), Thomas Moen (United Kingdom), Adi Putra (Indonesia), Micki Anderson (USA), Robert Atwater (USA), Mike Basher (USA), Michael Elenko (USA), Seta Injeyan (USA), Kushal Kapoor (USA), Wen Hang Lin (USA), Michael Marlitt (USA), Michael Mudd (USA), Nemo Nox (USA), Julie O'Connor (USA), Eric Oxendorf (USA), Kathleen Rogers (USA), Hye Mi Shon (USA), Gregory Spaid (USA), Paul Stapp (USA), JP Terlizzi (USA), Andrew Wohl (USA), Holly Wong (USA)

See the entire collection of images below or click here to return to the gallery page: https://www.praxisgallery.com/exhibits

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