International Juried Photography Exhibition

Liquid ~ Sky

Opening Reception: To Be Announced
Exhibition Dates: June 27th - July 21st, 2020
Juror | Elizabeth Flinsch Editor: Shots Magazine

Liquid conforms to the shape of its container. The sky is an abstract sphere, centered on the earth. Liquid, Water, Sky and the liminal space between are by definition poetic and symbolic. Yet there are infinite iterations of liquid & sky: consider our human drive to master and contain liquids (pools, levies, faucets and bottles); idiomatic lamentations of “spilt milk” or “water under the bridge”– while also reaching upward in towering buildings, air planes, and rockets pushing skyward.

Praxis Gallery gallery presents photographic art that explores the ideas of liquid and sky in their myriad iterations; from landscapes to still life – from scientific to conceptual, Praxis seeks a broadly interpreted investigation of these forever flowing, forever ethereal ideas.

 International Juried Photography Exhibition

The Portrait

Exhibition Dates: May 23rd - June 22nd, 2020

Juror | Carl Corey


In her book, Portraits and Persons, writer Cynthia Freeland describes three essential elements that constitute a portrait: “(1) a recognizable physical body (2) an inner life, i.e., some sort of psychological or mental states and (3) self-presentation, or the "posing.” 


Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that celebrates the aesthetic and conceptual considerations involved in the creation of the portrait: revealing personal narratives or new anthologies through the artistic representation of the subject.

© Yuta Kanai