International Juried Photography Exhibition

The Portrait

Closing Reception: 6-8PM, JUNE 13th, 2020
Exhibition Dates: May 23rd - June 15th, 2020

Juror | Carl Corey


In her book, Portraits and Persons, writer Cynthia Freeland describes three essential elements that constitute a portrait: “(1) a recognizable physical body (2) an inner life, i.e., some sort of psychological or mental states and (3) self-presentation, or the "posing.” 


Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that celebrates the aesthetic and conceptual considerations involved in the creation of the portrait: revealing personal narratives or new anthologies through the artistic representation of the subject.

 International Juried Photography Exhibition

Open Theme

Closing Reception: 6-8PM May 12th, 2020
Exhibition Dates: April 24th - May 12th, 2020
Juror | Ann Jastrab

"When a moment in front of me appears to be particularly special, whether it be by beauty or experience, I capture it. I usually find a reason to justify taking that photo - be it symmetry, or color or contrast - and it's my hope that my photography sheds light onto what I see and do on a daily basis.” Connor Franta


Praxis Gallery presents photographic art of varied genres and subject matters that represent the artist’s endeavor to reveal through the photographic process a personal declaration of visual significance - be it a celebration of pure aesthetic formalism, humor or conflict, fiction or fact, or any other literal or ephemeral lens-based investigation

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