Praxis Gallery Presents a Solo Exhibition by Sarah Weisss


Opening Night: Nov 22nd, 6pm-9pm 2019
Exhibition Dates: Nov 22nd - Dec 2nd, 2019

Praxis Gallery presents artist Sarah Weiss in an exhibition of photographic installation artwork that explores a broad, interpretive, and personal investigation of mental health.


All artwork is printed on silk organza and is installed as an interactive experiential exhibition. This exhibition is a collaborative event and will include dance performances arranged by Ayumi Shafer of DanceBARN Collective and a music score created by sound artist Benjamin Soma.


 © W. Scott Olsen

 International Juried Photography Exhibition


Opening Night Reception: Nov 22nd, 6-8PM
Exhibition Dates: Nov 22nd - Dec 18th, 2019

Juror | Layne Kennedy

“Night does not show things, it suggests them. It disturbs and surprises us with its strangeness. It liberates forces within us which are dominated by our reason during the daytime.” ― Brassai

Spanning two centuries, night photography has captured the collective imagination of the masses. From the infamously long exposures required by early artists, to high speed color films and the advent of digital technology, the subject of the night has inspired an explosion of interest among contemporary artists. Natural vistas, celestial bodies, urban landscapes, factories, artificial structures and nocturnal interludes represent but a few of the limitless subjects of nighttime photography.

Praxis Gallery presents photographic art that explores the fundamental qualities that make night photography - from dusk to dawn - a compelling contemporary art form.