Deadline: June 15th, 2022
Notification Email: July 1st, 2022
Exhibition Dates: Sept 17th - Oct 1st, 2022

Field Assignment | Creating A Personal Shrine

Altar, Shrine, Memento - These terms are often used interchangeably. They may be as simple as a tiny matchbox or a Sacred Circle — or as elaborate as the Taj Mahal. Altars and Shrines have been created in nearly every culture and place where humans have lived. On a very personal level, they may be about solitude, reflection, and memory, but they may also be whimsical or even gaudy. The trappings of mourning and loss are the external representations and expressions of interior dialogues, offering a tangible form to our thoughts and memories - NYX

Praxis Gallery seeks artwork from Artist Members using an “Altoids” tin box as the basis for a shrine  containing artifacts, objects, photos, lens-based and collage art (just to name a few possibilities). All interpretations of this tin can shrine concept are welcome.  Artists are asked to submit photos of their shrine by the deadline. Eighteen shrines (the physical object) will be selected  to be shipped to Praxis for exhibit.



Eighteen shrines (the physical object) from 18 different artists will be selected to be shipped to Praxis Gallery for exhibition.


Must be a Praxis Artist Member to submit to this call.  Use coupon code from member welcome page or email newsletter to submit to this call. 

The Shrine box must incorporate at least one lens-based image. This can include photo collage, cut out magazine photos, personal photos etc...  


Artist must apply creative treatment to both the inside and the outside of the can. Creative treatment of both the inside and the outside of the tin can shrine will be evaluated as a part of the creative objective considerations.

Artist members are required to submit two images. One image of the inside of the tin can shrine box and one image of the outside of the tin can shrine box.


Do not use irreplaceable and sentimental objects in your tin can shrine. Use your creativity to find other representative objects or a "stand in" for a particular priceless memento. 

Selected Artist's shrines must be shipped by the artist with a pre-paid return shipping label included in the box (no stamps).  Shrines without a pre-paid return shipping label will not be returned - no exceptions. 

Image Submission Formatting

Please submit a low res image of the artwork you will be submitting for the Artist Member Salon at our exhibit registration site. Please follow these guidelines for your low res file:

(a) File Format. Images must be saved and submitted as Jpegs.

(b) Image Size. Images must be 72 ppi. Image must be 1920 pixels or less on longest side. Images must be 8MB or less.

(c) File Name. Name image file as follows: ImageTitle_FirstName_LastName. Example: MyPhoto_Amy_Johnson.jpg. (d) Please contact us with any digital formatting questions at

Sales & Archive

Photographers who have designated that their exhibition artwork are for sale to the public will be contacted promptly regarding any purchase enquires of their artwork. Praxis Gallery will take a 50% commission of any sales. All submissions will be maintained at the Praxis Gallery & Photographic Art Center’s online gallery archives.  Artists have the option (but are not obligated) to donate prints that do not sell during the exhibition to Praxis Gallery & Photographic Art Center for fundraising purposes. 

Copy Right & Usage Rights

Artist retains all copyrights to their own images. Artists whose photographs are accepted for exhibition grant Praxis Gallery the nonexclusive right to use, print, and reproduce submitted digital files for the purpose of the exhibition, promoting the artist,  promoting related programs and subsequent display on Praxis Gallery's website, social media and online exhibition archives. The artist's name and photo title will be included wherever the photographs are displayed.